First Time Posting a Blog Post

Well this title may be confusing but get this: I’ve written blog posts before, I’ve just never posted them. Today’s the day I’ve decided to actually post my posts because why not? It’s all the rage, I probably know more people who blog than who don’t so that’s neat.

I’ve always liked the idea of having a blog, but it scared the s*** out of me to think that if I had one, people could like… read what I write! When I changed to a writing major it dawned on me that I’m probably going to have to start being comfortable with other people reading what I write. So here goes! I’m an open book now. (heh)


My posts are thoughts that I have and are never by any means meant to be hurtful. Most of the time. I have a very informal writing voice, and my posts may be short, or they may be as long as the bible (but probably not).

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