College Pt. 1 (of many)

(Looking back on this, I love the title, given that it was part one of...two.) Choosing what career path you want to take when you're 18 is a little ridiculous if you ask me. The world barely thinks I'm ready to make my own decisions, and I've JUST begun being recognized as an adult.  I … Continue reading College Pt. 1 (of many)

Ode to Indecisiveness (College pt. 2)

Change your major. Change your major. Change it again. It's exhausting, right? To spend hours and days deciding, as only a teenager, what you want to do for a living. It's nerve-wracking to feel lost, and be in a major you like but don't love. You become the person with commitment issues, can't make up … Continue reading Ode to Indecisiveness (College pt. 2)