College Pt. 1 (of many)

(Looking back on this, I love the title, given that it was part one of…two.)
Choosing what career path you want to take when you’re 18 is a little ridiculous if you ask me. The world barely thinks I’m ready to make my own decisions, and I’ve JUST begun being recognized as an adult. 
I can’t count how many times I’ve doubted my choice of major. I’ve even googled “why did I choose a writing major”. Every day I go through ups and downs eventually convincing myself that I’ve finally made the right choice. After changing your major four times you begin to always doubt yourself. What if my first major was the right choice? What if I was an education major two times for a reason?
And when I finally chose a creative writing major: the questions that I’ve been asked since senior year of high school; what do you want to do career-wise? What do you plan to do with that type of education? Well I don’t know, I say. I like the idea of being an editor, or a secretary, or teaching English, or maybe getting my master’s degree in linguistics or higher education. I have so many options! And that leads me to why I chose writing. 
Why liberal arts? People I know say they don’t want to waste their time with liberal arts education when they don’t know what they want to study. I thought the complete opposite. Why not take a year (or two) to fulfill some graduation requirements while trying to figure out what to focus on? It’s not a waste of money, I will never think Wartburg is a waste of money. The experiences I’ve had are incomparable to any other college or university.
I also try to convince myself that no class I’ve attended has been a mistake or a waste of time. Although I took 3 Spanish classes and no longer desire to continue that minor. And I took a french class and studied abroad to Quebec. And the extra math class I took that I hated myself for every day because I wanted to be a teacher.
All of this was for a reason. All of this indecisiveness was for a reason. Each class had a purpose and it’s a part of the road to my success. And when it comes down to it, whenever I doubt myself all I want to do is write about it. It’s how I’ve expressed myself the best since before I could even write real words.

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