Last night I attended a house concert in Cedar Falls, Iowa. I had only heard of the band performing about a week before the show. I looked them up and listened to a few songs then decided that they would be really cool to see live! When we got to the house, I saw the two men in the band and was starstruck. I was like, “OMG Janna (the one hosting the concert), aren’t you just starstruck when talking to them??” And she was like “No!” And now I see why. They are humans! Yes, they’re famous, but they can talk about real people things.

So little did I know, I’d get to talk to KOZM for about an hour after they performed. I was freaking out before I took a picture with them, but when Alec finally asked them to take a picture with me (I was too nervous) we ended up talking for a long time! Tom and Javier, the two members, were some of the nicest and most inspirational people! Not only did they encourage me to continue writing, whether it’s screenplays or songs, they were genuine and told me they thought I was really nice (maybe there was a hint of sarcasm but whatever).

Some things we talked about:

  1. My “Joey” Sweater
  2. The weird side of Tumblr
  3. song writing/screenplays
  4. random awesome stuff

Their music alone was so inspirational, I had to take out my mini notebook to write all of the ideas I had. But talking to them afterward made me want to write even more. When there are days when I’m down, and don’t feel like writing, or don’t think I’ll be successful in this career path, I’ll go back to this conversation. I’ll remember that there are people everywhere who are on my side and who believe in me. And be prepared to be bombarded with countless poems, ideas for screenplays, and much more. Because when you meet artists who have passion when they play, and are passionate about inspiring others to do what you love, you can’t help but continue to feel like you can do anything!

It’s so important to have people in your life to drive you out of your slump, and encourage you to be you!

My favorite song (I mean I have many but) was Pachamama. All of their songs elicit emotions of different levels. Sometimes it made me want to cry, sometimes I wanted to stand up and jump around and dance! I’ve begun writing while listening to the songs because the journeys of the songs, for me each create different ideas. I’ve attached the link to Pachamama!


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