Take care of each other.

One of the most important and most wonderful things a human being can do is take care of other humans.

My grandma, Olivia Thelma Drewes, has been able to take care of the posterity of the Earth.

She was a nanny. She is a mom. She is a wife, and a grandma. Among many more things. But what she did best was help others.

The random bouts of tears haven’t stopped for about three or four years now, ever since I learned that my grandma was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. She has had such an impact on my life, my siblings’ lives, and my cousins’ and aunts’ and uncle’s and of course, her husband’s.

I guess the tears are just something that aren’t ever going to stop. But that’s what happens when someone you care about so much begins to forget who you are. Who they are. And I’m okay with that. The tears are a reminder of how amazing she was. Of how amazing life is. No, she doesn’t know who I am, but she used to. She used to care about me so much.

Which has lead to me realizing my deepest fear. Losing myself, and forgetting the people I love. And it has lead to this blog post.


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