Edgar’s Fiasco

Edgar was a… curious child. He was always daydreaming, and never on task. He often got made fun of in school because he wasn’t interested in math, he would rather be questioning why a butterfly is called a butterfly, or why the color red is the first in the rainbow.

He always had trouble making friends. Except for his imaginary friend, Julian. They did everything together. They would color together, Edgar would bring him to the park, he would also join him at lunch during school. Julian showed up about five years ago, when Edgar was seven. Edgar would explain Julian to his mother, Elisa, who couldn’t see Julian, much to Edgar’s dismay and confusion. Julian had blonde hair, and green eyes. He was pretty talkative apparently, and enjoyed the color purple.

One night, Elisa was trying very hard to get Edgar to come to dinner but he wouldn’t come inside.

“Edgar, come get some dinner, please!” She yelled from the front door.

Edgar came inside with his head down and his feet dragging.

“I lost Julian.” He said. “He was with me a few minutes ago but I think he ran away!”

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