Why poetry?

Why poetry?

Why art and creativity?

As my last semester at Wartburg inches closer, I have begun to question not only my major, or my interests or my future, but everything that has happened to me and all of my decisions.

My poetry class added to the questions I have for myself and the world.

Why do I want to study writing? What does that even mean, studying writing? Isn’t that just glorified reading? Any literate person can write.

But there is a difference. A difference between a passionate writer and someone who is writing but isn’t present while doing it.

To write, to study writing is to feel. Feel what is inside you and the emotions around you and force it out through the nerves of your brain and through your heart all the way to your fingertips. To feel that whole time, and to put it into words on a page. And to hope that someone, somewhere will find that piece of paper, or that blog or whatever medium you use, and will feel the same. That it may be so powerful as to make them cry. The hope that you will be able to put into words the blurs of emotions in the minds of others, that is why we write.

That is why we need poetry. A smorgasbord of heaps of emotions thrown into a few stanzas on a page all in the name of human connection.

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