How to Plan the Ultimate Baby Shower

How I Planned and Hosted the Ultimate Baby Shower

In honor it being August, the month my niece is due to be born, I’m posting about the baby shower we threw for the future parents. Back in May, my sisters, mom, and I threw a baby shower for my brother and his fiancée. Despite a few mishaps of me being forgetful, we were able to have an amazing day full of love.

So here’s the little mishap situation: I forgot the original decorations I had bought for the party. I graduated from college the day before, and decided to stay at home the night before the shower. After the graduation ceremony, about halfway into the drive home, I realized I had forgotten everything I had bought for the shower at my apartment. Decorations, my laptop with the prints I made for the activities, and the present we bought for her.

The morning of the shower, I ran to Target to get the same decorations… so everything seemed like it was going great! But we got to Target and they had all of the decorations in the world (slight exaggeration) except the purple and silver ones I had bought previously. We made do with some more colorful and pretty decorations, and the world didn’t end! Woohoo!

As for the activities sheets, I recreated them the morning of the shower as well (luckily I had taken pictures of them to show my co-planners), and printed them and cut them out (with help).

You could say I had a busy morning but I loved every minute of it. I love planning events and any chance I get to spend time with my family is time I cherish.

So we finally had everything prepared and it was time for the guests to arrive. We played games, opened presents, and I can’t speak for everyone else there, but I had a great time!

One of my favorite parts of it was instead of or along with cards, we asked the guests to send children’s books and write a note to the family inside of them. Somehow, no one bought the same book and there was a great variety from Chess for Dummies (thanks to my brother) to Dr. Seuss classics.

Here are the activities we had:


  • Guess the due date

My sister purchased a blank white board calendar and we had the guests use a baby feet stamp to stamp the day they thought the baby would be born. It was so fun to see when everyone thought the baby would be due in comparison to the actual due date. (This can be seen in the picture at the top of this post.)

  • Baby-themed Scattergories

I printed out the letters A-Z and timed the guests while they came up with a baby-related word that began with each letter. The first, second, and third person with the most words won the prizes at the bottom of this post!

  • Beer Bottle contest

I don’t know who came up with this 21+ game but it was not as fun as it looks. Chugging beer from a baby bottle is difficult. It bubbles and foams quite a bit. A few of us raced to finish them, (I lost.) and I think the longer it took the bubblier it got. We’re classy and used PBR but feel free to use whatever beer you’d like!


  • Diaper and onesie writing

I saw these on Pinterest and thought they were adorable. We bought a plain white onesie and with Sharpies, each guest signed the onesie that said “I am loved”. For the diapers, we had guests write notes for the parents for late-night diaper changes.


  • You can also see in the picture above, the “Dear Luna,” cards I created. Each guest wrote their hopes for the baby’s future. It gave guests to think about this future family, as well as have some fun and be creative!


The diapers turned out quite hilarious.


The front and back of the onesie were covered with names! That baby definitely is SO loved.

We had some prizes for the winners of the games:


  • Barefoot wine
  • Lavender-scented Epsom salt with the cutest label (My sister made it!)



So, although we didn’t have the original decorations or prints of activities, guests were surrounded in love and it was a great day full of laughs, wonderful presents, and fun games!

Let me know if you give any of these ideas a try!

Happy planning!

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