My Nightstand Necessities and Nightly Routine

I’m very particular about my nighttime rituals. Taking vitamins, taking care of my skin… and I like to have everything right by my bed, in my nightstand!

Paper and pen: For some reason, I get most of my inspiration at night. This is why I try to keep a journal or notepad at the ready by my bed. Whether I wake up from a dream and want to write it down, or I think of an idea to write about, it’s basically a guarantee that I won’t remember it in the morning if I didn’t write it down. Sometimes if I forget to put my notebook on my nightstand, I use my phone notes!

*See below for a recent dream I had. Thank goodness I had my phone notepad to write it down! I had a dream that my first day at my job was horrible, and I accidentally went on a ferris wheel instead of the elevator?Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 1.48.09 PM.png

Water and a coaster:I’ve had a water bottle or cup next to my bed since I can remember. Once, when I was younger, I spilled my water in the middle of the night and my mom came up to help clean it up… that was a good wake up call to begin using water bottles. For some reason it’s still engrained in my brain. The coaster came along when my mom suggested it. She tried to get me to use one for years… and when I lived in an apartment for the first time I finally caved.

Jewelry dish: I take my jewelry off at night. (Writing this in bed just reminded me to take my earrings out.) I also take out any bobby pins and clips I have in my hair. I’m super picky, like Princess and the Pea, when it comes to sleeping! I have to have my hair up in a high bun with no clips or anything, and basically no jewelry. (The only exception is my Alex and Ani bracelet.)

Salt lamp: I love my salt lamp! It is so pretty, and it makes a great night light!

A few other things that I use every night before bed: 

Lavender oil    I use this for EVERYTHING. Headache? Can’t sleep? Anxious? Lavender oil can help with that! And the smell is just so delightful.

Lotion    I’ve always had dry skin, especially on my knuckles. Using lotion before bed each night has helped tremendously! Right now I’m using Tahiti Island Dream from Bath and Body Works.

Chapstick    I used to always have chapped lips. When I began a nighttime routine, I added this to it and using this every night has helped! I use Baby Lips. I love them all, but my favorites are Quenched, and Pink Punch!

Earplugs     Kind of going back to the Princess and the Pea thing, everything has to be quiet when I go to bed. I bought this HUGE pack of my favorite ear plugs to use whenever I need them! Seriously… 200 count… I’m set for life!

What things are a part of your nighttime routine?

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