Making the Most of My Life & How You Can Too

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Happy Sunday everyone! Let’s take a moment this morning to sip our coffee and tea and chat about making every minute of our lives matter. So get out your mugs, get your drinks ready and wrap up in a cozy blanket. Here is an update on my blog and what I’m going to try to do to become more productive.

When I first started With Hannah a few months ago, I didn’t really have a goal in mind. I thought I wanted to explore different topics, such as fashion, “lifestyle” etc. to be like the rest of the bloggers I follow. Most of these topics ended up not working with me. I felt like it wasn’t me writing the posts and posting on Instagram. So I just stopped. I stopped posting and writing and doing new things in general.

The thing was, I still didn’t know what my niche was going to be. I’m not a fashionista, I’m not secretly an amazing chef, I’m not a mom, I don’t really know too much about what I am.

This is why I’m beginning to explore. Through trials and failures and learning and evolving, this blog will have no general direction aside from me doing new things to try and better my life.

So, from cooking to organizing, crafts, decor, thoughts & pep talks, I’ll be trying new things and making the most of every day!

As often as possible I’ll write about the new things I do and give you updates, maybe even post pep talks to myself, and let you know the final outcomes of anything new I create or discover.


How We Can Make the Most of our Lives


  • Keep track of your goals in a journal (or a blog!)
  • Let me take a step back…make goals! Not just financial goals or career goals but personal ones! Do you want to be able to make brownies from scratch? Or write in a journal every night for a year?
  • Tell other people about the new things you want to try so they can hold you accountable
  • Get others involved! Try the new things with other people
  • Keep a planner. Each week, add something to your day that gets you closer to what you want to be able to do.
  • Write little encouraging notes to yourself
  • And lastly: Make the tasks something you genuinely want to do. It’s hard enough to force yourself to get off the couch and stop watching Netflix, even if it’s to read or eat or whatever. Don’t torture yourself and write lists and lists of stuff you dread doing. That will set you up for failure.

This may sound like something I should be talking about on the first of January, but I want to start now, so why not? Maybe starting now won’t put so much pressure to succeed. Maybe that’s why I never follow through (or even make) New Years Resolutions.

So let’s start this journey together, now! What’s one thing you want to do? Read more? Learn a new language? Cook pancakes? Break a habit or create a new one? Let me know, and I’ll be sure to check in with you with the first new thing I’m going to try!

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