What the heck is shortening?

What the heck is shortening and why don’t I already know what it is? I was about to test out a few new cookie recipes for the holiday season and so many of them had one ingredient I didn’t have. Shortening.

I went grocery shopping and tried looking for it in the baking aisle. It wasn’t by the cocoa powder and chocolate chips and flour. It must be by the butter! I thought. So I went over to the refrigerated aisle of butter next to the cream cheese, that we also needed to purchase, but it wasn’t there either!

It’s the next day now and I have no idea where to find shortening. I haven’t googled it yet either. Is it butter-like? I feel like I’m picturing a white fluffy/creamy substance. Is that wrong? I’m hoping I’ll just happen upon it soon but I think for now I’ll stick to the cookies that don’t need mystery ingredients.

I’ll share the recipes I make as soon as I start to actually bake them! I even have a cookie jar to put them in. That was supposed to give me motivation to bake them… It didn’t quite work but now that I’ve put it on here that I’m making them, I have to do it… right?

You’ll just have to wait and see! Will I find shortening? Will I bake cookies from scratch or give up and just make the pre-made ones I bought last night, that I have to just break apart and throw in the oven and remember to set a timer which I’m so good at, instead of making elaborate cookies with my nonexistent shortening? Stay tuned.

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