My Current Natural Makeup Picks

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I don’t wear makeup every day, especially in the summer, but sometimes my skin needs a little pick-me-up! Also, doing makeup is fun and I enjoy trying new things. I keep my routine very simple and don’t get too crazy with colors and things.

Here is what I do in order to get a natural makeup look!

The first thing I do is use moisturizer. I use the Glossier Priming Moisturizer every day. I have pretty dry skin! This is a very light moisturizer, making it perfect to put underneath my makeup.

Glossier Priming Moisturizer


After moisturizer, I move on to my eyes!

My Summer Natural Eye Makeup Picks

Glossier Boy Brow

Glossier Lash Slick

How I Apply:

When I’m feeling it, I’ll use Glossier Boy Brow, in the shade Brown, on my brows (at the end of my makeup routine). I don’t know why but I feel like this just amps my look so much, which I sometimes want and sometimes don’t. Depends on the day!

I love this product because I’ve never plucked, waxed or done anything to my eyebrows since I my eyebrows are dark and thick on their own.

I generally apply the Lash Slick Mascara from Glossier before I do the rest of my makeup. I apply it to my top and bottom lashes and it elongates them so much! Also, it doesn’t smudge.

Natural Makeup for My Face

1. Glossier Wowder Powder (Shade: light/medium)




2. BareMinerals Bareskin concealer (Shade: Medium)

BareMinerals Bareskin concealer


3. The Ecotools full powder brush

Eco Tools Brush and Glossier Powder


4. BareMinerals Beautiful Finish foundation brush

BareMinerals Brush

How I Apply:

(I’m not a makeup artist, I’ve just spent a lot of time recently finding what works for me!)

Step 1. First, I put the BareMinerals concealer, in shade medium, under my eyes, and wherever needs a bit of coverage (red spots etc.). Aside from drugstore brands, I’ve never used much concealer before. That being said, this concealer gives me the most coverage. This is what I’m looking for since I haven’t been using liquid foundation!

Step 2. Then, I blend the concealer in using the BareMinerals foundation brush AND the Glossier Wowder powder in light/medium. I love this brush! It has two tiers of bristles, giving the right coverage when used with powder.

Sometimes I just blend in the concealer a bit then use the brush with the powder. It just depends on what type of coverage I want and how dry my skin is.

Step 3. Next, use the EcoTools Powder Brush* and blend it all together, with just a bit more powder.

If you’re in the market for some new brushes, I would recommend EcoTools! I purchased one of these sets as my first makeup brushes a few years ago, and have loved their brushes ever since.

EcoTools 6 Piece Starter Set*

They’re cruelty-free and the handles are made of bamboo, an eco-friendly option.

This starter set includes a powder/blush, concealer, full shadow, spoolie and angled liner brush. EcoTools 6 Piece Starter Set, Includes: Powder/Blush, Concealer, Full Shadow, Spoolie and Angled Liner Brushes, along with a makeup bag!

I have dry skin, so I don’t usually love to use powders, but the Glossier Wowder powder is perfect for me! It doesn’t feel drying at all and doesn’t get flakey.


For an everyday look I don’t usually wear eyeshadow, blush or do contour or anything like that. In fact, I’ve never done contour before ever! I feel like these basics are sufficient for me for a day of running errands and working.

Do you have any product recommendations for me? I try to steer toward natural makeup products. Let me know what your favorite makeup brand is in the comments!

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