My 5 Favorite Beauty Products from August

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Beauty Favorites-August

Fall is almost here! Well, it is here, depending on who you ask. I’m just taking each day as it comes, trying not to put too much thought into what season it is. Peruse this post to learn more about my favorite beauty products that I’ve been using this month!

My 5 Beauty Picks for August

These products may seem random, but these are the products I’ve been using the most lately, so I combined them into my top picks post for this month!

The Wet Brush

People who know me know I don’t brush my hair often. I don’t like taking too much time in the morning to get ready, so I would get to work with my hair wet. And I didn’t like brushing my hair when it was still wet. It would hurt and my hair would be frizzy as soon as it dried.

This was before the Wet Brush* came into my life.

Black Wet Brush from Amazon

I am in love with my wet brush from Amazon! I can brush my hair right when I get out of the shower, well, after sitting around on my phone for a while before taking the towel off my head, and it is a lot less painful than trying to brush it with a regular brush.

I have somewhat frizzy/curly hair so after brushing it with the Wet Brush, I usually put it in a loose bun or a loose braid for an hour or so to keep the frizz down. I’ve never been one to just brush my hair and let it air dry on my shoulders, though.

Hair Dance Dry Shampoo

So, as much as I love the Klorane dry shampoo, and I still use it when I’m running late, I wanted to try a dry shampoo that wasn’t an aerosol spray kind. I found this Dry shampoo volume powder from Hair Dance* on Amazon and am loving it!

Hair Dance Dry Shampoo

To apply, I put it into my hand and use a tooth brush to brush it into my roots, and then further down my hair, I’ll use my hands and run them through my hair. I’ve had it for about a month now and it works really well.

To apply, I generally use it at night and then in the morning, I’ll only need to use a tiny bit here and there–especially in my widows peak for some reason, can anyone else relate?–to fix it up.

If you’d rather not use a powder-type dry shampoo, this Klorane dry shampoo* is my favorite spray-type dry shampoo!

Crystal Deodorant

I feel like so many people lately are currently looking for a good natural deodorant, like it’s a hobby. Well, I’m no different. I’ve tried so many (Schmidt’s, Tom’s…) and my current favorite is this Norwex Crystal Deodorant*. I used it a few years ago, and my mom recently gave me another one to use and I love it!


I don’t smell, and it doesn’t leave my armpits feeling sticky like a lot of the natural ones do. You know, when they’re clear and gel-y and it feels like it never dries completely.

Opened Crystal Deodorant

To use this deodorant, hold it under the faucet for a bit to get it wet, and rub the crystal onto your pits! I love that it doesn’t get sticky. It dries pretty quickly too!

Makeup Blenders

My beauty blender fell on the bathroom floor this month. Not a big deal! I thought to myself. Silly me thinking I could live without it. I mean, it turns out I can live without it, but I like it a lot better when I have a beauty blender. It gives me a peace of mind when I’m doing my makeup.

Thinking back through this month, I wanted to include this beauty blender, and this has reminded me that I would like doing my makeup a lot more if I had one of these in my life again.

So I bought this set of 2 Ecotools cruelty-free makeup sponges recently! I’m so excited because it comes with a smaller version as well as the bigger size!

(If you read my Natural Makeup post, you know how much I love Ecotools!)

Ecotools Makeup Blender

Ecotools mini blender


OPI nail polish in Bubble Bath

OPI Nail Polish
I wore a light pink, almost nude color for my wedding and have been looking for a similar color since then! The OPI Nail Lacquer in Bubble Bath* was the exact color I was looking for.

It’s the perfect combination of nude and pink for my skin tone. It can be worn in any season, if you’re the type of person who wants your nails to match the season, I feel like this one is perfect for any season! It will match any plaid fall scarf or even a Christmas sweater (if you’re not one to paint your nails red and green for the holiday season, like I am).

OPI Bubble Bath

What are your go-to beauty faves lately? Let me know! I’m always craving something new to try!

Top 5 Beauty Products

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